About Us


aero. is a record label, music blog and brand dedicated to providing the best and most up to date house music around. aero. was founded in Perth, Australia and since 2013 has racked up hundreds of Millions of Views across all major online music platforms.


On August 4th 2013 aero. was initially established by Kyle Smith as a Drum and Bass YouTube Channel and was influenced by Kyle's own taste in music. Then in 2014 aero. switched to House music scene as Kyle's taste in music started to change and he realised that Drum and Bass music was starting to become less popular on the channel.          

In August 2019 aero. Records was born and the loved YouTube channel had now also became an established record label. However, after the record label was created the channel still continued to increase its subscriber count through consistently uploading great videos and tracks from both popular and unknown artists and had reached 100K subscribers by September 2019.

Also in September 2019 Sean Keepin and Dan Heale joined aero. to help out with the channel due to the increasing demand and popularity and meant aero. now was able to operate from the UK. As the subscriber count and overall popularity of the brand grew aero continued to grow not just as a record label and youtube channel but also on other well known social platforms too. A few months later on the 11th April 2020 Sean Keepin & Dan Heale were made Managing Directors of aero.